Marvel Heroic RPG MapTool framework – minor update

Just a quick post to let anyone who’s using my Marvel Heroic RPG framework know that you’ll probably want to re-download it. @SenatorChatty discovered that my Build Character macro totally left off the part where it’s supposed to ask you to pick specialties for your hero! Oops.

It’s fixed now. Thanks Christopher!

Earlier post on this topic – click here.

– Michael the OnlineDM

14 thoughts on “Marvel Heroic RPG MapTool framework – minor update

  1. Ok, I have tried this file, and a fresh download of the file, but this is what I get when I roll?

    Lady of Wonder dice pool results: « ” = ” =  » « ” ” = ” ” =  » d6 number 1: « DieRoll = 3 » « ” = ” =  » « ” ” = ” ” =  » d8 number 1: « DieRoll = 4 » « ” = ” =  » « ” ” = ” ” =  » d10 number 1: « DieRoll = 10 » « ” = ” =  » « ” = ” =  »

  2. Ah, I see what’s going on now. I thought you were talking about problems with the display in the Data File frame itself; you’re actually having trouble with the chat window where the results are displayed.

    The solution I use for both issues is in the Preferences window for MapTool (Edit – Preferences). In the Chat box, there’s an option for Use Tooltips for Inline Rolls that I choose to have checked, but that I don’t think it checked by default. That should solve the problem.

    The other solution (which I’ll also do when I have some time) is for me to update my macros so that they display the results of the rolls instead of the code behind them whether you have the ToolTips option checked or not! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  3. @koperkuba – Because I hadn’t realized heroes could have more than 5 Specialties. Oops! I’ve corrected it now.

    @Seth Blevins – I’ve gone through the file and tried to make sure I have the r: roll option everywhere that it should be, so things should work even in cases where you don’t have the ToolTip options set the same way I do.

    If you re-download the file now, it should be all set with both of these changes. Thank you for bringing them to my attention!

  4. Ok. I found another problem. When I add d4 then in roll get:
    Error in body of roll.       
    Statement options (if any): r, count(getProperty(“Pool_d4″, MyToken),” “), CODE       Statement Body : { [h: DieRoll=d4] d4 number [r:roll.count+1]: [r, DieRoll] [r, if(DieRoll==1): “Opportunity!”] }

    • Oops – I had one piece of code that contained a comma where it should have had a colon. Fixed now! Thanks for letting me know.

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    Not only its really good, but it actually showed me the potencial of maptools, and encouraged me to try and create a few myself. Im working in a simple one for a game of my own design, and when I get a little more confidence, I’ll work on a Mouseguard Framework, one of my favourite games.

    • Angel – Thank you for your comment! I’m so glad to hear that you’re getting some good use out of the framework and that you’re inspired to do your own work with MapTool. When you’ve got your Mouseguard framework together, please let me know – I’d love to see what you come up with!

      -Michael the OnlineDM

  8. Just wanted to let you know that this thing is awesome!

    Are you hire able?

    I am developing a game that uses some similar mechanics, and I want it full supported (MapTools Framework).

    • I’m glad you like it! As for being hired to create something similar for another game, maybe. I’ll follow up with you via email!

      -Michael the OnlineDM

  9. Hey! Love the framework for Marvel Heroic and it works like a dream. I would ask though, is there a way to alter the number of SFX and Limit slots? Right now each power set has 3 SFX and 1 Limit and I find myself adding other SFX/Limits into the notes section of the actual character token.


    • Chaosnet – I’m glad you like it! Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to work on the framework since I set it up, and I don’t think I’ll be getting more time in the future. I have a long list of features that people have requested that I’d love to get to someday, but I don’t know that I ever will.

      I’m sorry!

      Michael the OnlineDM

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