MapTool: Star Wars d6 campaign framework with NewbieDM

I mentioned last week that I had gotten together with Enrique of and Mark Meredith of Dice Monkey on Wednesday night to help them out with some MapTool questions regarding the Star Wars d6 system (a game I know absolutely nothing about). I built a macro that rolled dice in the way I understood the Star Wars d6 system to work based on Mark’s description.

I later learned that the odd rule of the wild die not only exploding on a 6 but also penalizing the player on a 1 is an optional rule; the default rule is that the wild die just explodes. There’s also another optional rule that states that a 1 on the wild die will give you a 5/6 chance of the penalty I originally built (the die counts as zero, and you drop the highest non-wild die, too) and a 1/6 chance of having a plot-related complication instead. In the comments of that original post, I built the alternative macro with the possible complication.

I also learned that players often have “pips” which count as static bonuses to their rolls. NewbieDM stepped in on the comments to modify the macro to ask for the pip bonus. Nice work, Enrique!

NewbieDM then took the next step and created a full-on campaign framework file for Star Wars d6. He found some excellent artwork for the backgrounds (I especially love the star field). He and I collaborated on setting up campaign properties. I extended his work a little further to create a sample token with some macros on it for skills (Dexterity, Knowledge, etc.); one set for the default rules and one set for the rules that include a penalty for a 1 on the wild die. I didn’t include a set for the optional 1/6 chance of getting a “complication” if you get a 1 on the wild die, but the code is on the blog if you need it.

My version of the campaign framework file (built on NewbieDM’s) is available here.

It’s been fun learning a little bit about a new game and being able to help create something useful for people who play the game. I hope I get the chance to try it out myself sometime!

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