MapTool – updated and new macros

I’ve spent a little time bringing the macros on my web site up to date with the latest versions that I’m using in my own games. You can see all of my macro code here.

A few changes of note:

  • Healing macro for PCs now handles healing surges and non-surge healing in one macro
  • Properties have been updated so that daily power tracking works properly (fun fact; having a property called D4 instead of Daily4 creates problems in a program that recognizes D4 as a four-sided die)
  • Added code to allow for encounter, X-times-per-encounter (such as Healing Word) and daily power tracking
  • Added macros for toggling states such as Dazed, Marked, etc.
  • Added short rest, extended rest, death saving throw and second wind macros
  • Revamped monster properties so that the items that need to be set manually are all grouped together (this makes for faster monster token creation)

I also realized that my list of macros on that page was getting insanely long, so I created an index at the top of the page that will let you jump directly to whatever macro you’re looking for. For convenience’s sake, I’ve reproduced that list below.

If there are any MapTool macros that you’re looking for but that you don’t see here, please let me know – I’m always looking for excuses to write new macros!

Links to individual macros:

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