Free D&D4e Adventure: The Staff of Suha (aka The Stolen Staff)

Edit 9/8/2011: I’ve updated this adventure; the new version is called The Stolen Staff, but it’s the same adventure. You can find more about it with updated maps at this link.


At Genghis Con this past weekend, I ran two Living Forgotten Realms games. One of them was a MyRealms game that was an adaptation of a non-Realms home game I had run a few months ago. The updated version ended up being a lot of fun to run, so I’ve cleaned it up and posted it here as an ordinary adventure for the world to use.

Download the full adventure here.

The adventure is called the Staff of Suha (edit: now The Stolen Staff). It’s a pretty straightforward delve, aimed at characters of around 5th level (give or take a level or two).

The party is summoned to the manor home of a minor noble named Charles Suha for a job. Charles explains that a family heirloom, the titular staff, was stolen three nights ago by what appeared to be a band of orcs. He asks the party to track the orcs down and recover the staff. Doing so requires that the PCs infiltrate the orc stronghold and fight their leader, Grak.

The PDF above has all of the details of the adventure, monsters, maps, etc. If you want bigger maps for use in a game table program, those are below. And if you want the MapTool file that I used to actually run the game, you can download that here (note that it is built using MapTool version 1.3b66).

I’d really appreciate feedback on this adventure. I’ve never shared a complete adventure before, and I’m curious to see what other people think. Any feedback, positive or negative, is very welcome.

And if you end up actually USING this adventure, please tell me how it goes at your table!

Overview map

Guard tower / Garbage pit


Grak’s Chamber

2 thoughts on “Free D&D4e Adventure: The Staff of Suha (aka The Stolen Staff)

  1. Hey, I ran this adventure for a group of friends – they really enjoyed it. The one issue we had was a bottleneck during the first encounter. Our barbarian just ran ahead, managed not to get clobbered by the swinging stone trap, and broke the doors down. The enemy archer’s retreat was cut off – I had to have a baddie run past everyone (OAs all around!) in order to sound the alarm. Maybe it was something I did wrong in running the game… Anyway, just wanted to let you know. Great adventure overall!

    • I’m so glad you ran it and took the time to post here! As for the issue with the first battle, I’d say everything went just fine. If the PCs are able to get through the door and stop the archers before they’re able to raise the alarm, that’s a win for the party, and they only have to fight the archers. Kudos to your players!

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