Updated adventures: The Stolen Staff and Tallinn’s Tower

Edit 9/15/2011: Based on some play-testing feedback from an awesome reader named Jeff, I have made some improvements to Tallinn’s Tower (mostly just clarifications and clean-up edits; nothing transformative). Thank you, Jeff!

Edit 9/8/2011, evening: I changed the low-level monsters in the first encounter of Tallinn’s Tower to something more interesting. I guess I’ll never be done tweaking these adventures!

After running my own adventures at TactiCon last weekend, I’ve finished tweaking them based on my play testing. The new versions are formatted much better and should be easier to use at the table.

I’ve renamed the first adventure in the trilogy from The Staff of Suha to The Stolen Staff. This is because I’ve decided The Staff of Suha makes more sense as a name for the whole trilogy, while the Stolen Staff is just the first part. I’ve also totally revamped the skill challenge into a series of scenes that I think you’ll find easier to run and more fun for your players. There’s also an alternate encounter for entering the stronghold.

As for Tallinn’s Tower, the main changes are to the formatting; the core content is mostly the same.

The third adventure… well, I’ve decided that I’m going to submit Descent Into Darkness to Dungeon Magazine because, hey, why not? But since they won’t accept anything that’s been previously published elsewhere, I can’t post it on my blog if I want it to have a chance of being accepted.

Based on the odds, I’m guessing they’ll reject it, at which point I’ll publish it here. But until that happens, I’m going to hold off.

Download The Stolen Staff PDF.

Download Tallinn’s Tower PDF.

Maps for the adventures are below, scaled to a 50-pixel grid for use in programs like MapTool (both with and without a grid).

If you run either or both of these adventures, please let me know how it goes! And if you want to playtest the third adventure, drop me a line at mailto:onlinedungeonmaster@gmail.com.

Stolen Staff - Lair Exterior - Gridded

Stolen Staff - Lair Exterior - No Grid

Stolen Staff - Garbage Tunnels - Gridded

Stolen Staff - Garbage Tunnels - No Grid

Stolen Staff - Shrine - Gridded

Stolen Staff - Shrine - No Grid

Stolen Staff - Grak Chamber - Gridded

Stolen Staff - Grak Chamber - No Grid

Tallinn's Tower Level 1 - Gridded

Tallinn's Tower Level 1 - No Grid

Tallinn's Tower Level 2 - Gridded

Tallinn's Tower Level 2 - No Grid

Tallinn's Tower Level 3 - Gridded

Tallinn's Tower Level 3 - No Grid

Tallinn's Tower Level 4 - Gridded

Tallinn's Tower Level 4 - No Grid

10 thoughts on “Updated adventures: The Stolen Staff and Tallinn’s Tower

  1. Good luck with the submission to Dungeon!

    I took a peak at your other modules, and from a quick look through, they look great. I especially like your layout, it just seems cleaner than most LFR modules. Nice work.

    • Thanks very much! The original layout I used when I first posted these adventures wasn’t really a layout at all. Then I learned that you can make things slightly prettier and easier to read in Word without too much effort. I’m much happier with the way they look now.

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  3. Reading through the PDF for Tallinn’s Tower, I noticed that you list “Blink Spider – a reskinned Young Phase Spider” and have those in the monster list of the Room of Runes encounter, however the stat block you provide is that of a Shimmering Swarm. Am I just missing something?

    • That was a simple editing error on my part – sorry about that! I changed the Blink Spiders to Shimmering Swarms after the last update and forgot to change the other references. The PDF has since been updated.

      • Ah okay. I was just curious which one I should use, since I’m planning on running this for my group here soon. Everything looks really cool though, nice job on it. Oh and I’ll be sure to let everyone know where I got it from 🙂

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