TactiCon 2011 is in the books

And on the fifth day, OnlineDM rested.

TactiCon 2011 started Thursday evening at 6:00 and wrapped up Sunday evening at 6:00. 72 hours from open to close for me (plus a little extra time at the end for the DM appreciation ceremony). I spent 36 of those hours at the game table, running games.

And I had a blast!

I got some dubious looks when I said I wanted to Iron Man the con (running games the whole time), but I can honestly say that I came out of it feeling energized, not exhausted. I did run a little short on sleep over the course of the convention (I had a 30 minute drive each way, so that cut into my sleep time a bit), and I’ll admit that I feel asleep at 9:00 PM last night and slept until 8:00 this morning, but I wasn’t getting headaches or feeling drained or anything like that.

Ultimately, TactiCon was a lot of fun. I was running games at tables in more public areas for most of this convention (in the past I’ve often been in individual hotel rooms), which meant that a lot more people got to see my MapTool / projector setup in action. It was a great feeling to have people stop by to say how cool they thought it was, or to ask questions about how they could build something similar themselves. Some of them even brought friends back later to show my setup off to them.

I’m looking forward to the next convention!

Individual game recaps

I’ve decided to break my detailed recaps into separate posts, rather than putting it all in one massive post. The links to those posts are below.

Lost on the Golden Way (Thursday evening, Saturday morning, Sunday morning)

MyRealms adventures (all day Friday)

Roots of Corruption – Dark Seeds (Saturday afternoon and evening)

Need to Know (Sunday afternoon)

4 thoughts on “TactiCon 2011 is in the books

  1. Hey, this is Bobby! I really enjoyed reading your recap – I couldn’t make it to Tacticon because of personal….stuff that came up (very nearly as I was in the car to go), so it was cool to get a snapshot of what went on. Now I’m really itching to play some D&D.

    Also, so glad you survived the weekend 🙂

    • Sorry I missed you, but I totally understand when life interferes. We’d love to get together with you guys some other time for some gaming – either board games or D&D!

  2. Congratulations on an amazing feat.

    The Rogue/Beholder story is very funny and speaks well of your adventures, will probably try them out.

    • Thanks! I haven’t released Descent Into Darkness yet, and I’ve made some updates to the first two adventures since I first released them. I’m planning to release all three in cleaned-up format with the tweaks I’ve made from having run them at TactiCon. If there are any adventures that you want to run soon, let me know and I can provide you with the most up-to-date versions.

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