Anyone interested in a one-shot online game for new players?

The comments on my previous post about my experiences reading the Pathfinder Core Rulebook were interesting. Kayti chimed in to express interest in learning to play Pathfinder and asked if I would be running a game. I’m still just learning that game, but I know D&D 4th Edition, and I always want to encourage new players whenever possible.

So, I’m putting out a call: Are there any people out there who would be interested in joining Kayti in a one-shot D&D 4th Edition game aimed at new players? I’d run the game online using MapTool and Skype (of course), and I’d ideally love to have a table of all-new players. I wish I could agree to run an ongoing campaign, but I’m already a bit overcommited. A one-shot, though, I can handle.

If you have any friends who might be interested in playing, send them my way! Once I have enough players (I’m aiming for 4-5) I’ll get in touch with all of them about scheduling the game, figuring out what they want to do about characters, etc. I’ll be sure to blog about the experience, too!

4 thoughts on “Anyone interested in a one-shot online game for new players?

  1. i’m interested i have not played pathfinder or d&d and i would like to try it basicly to see if i like it 🙂

  2. My friends and I have been trying to play a few games but we arnt very good and dont meet often. I would be interested in an online game. Ive been trying to play with a Ranger:Beastmaster. my email is

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