Online Character Builder – video preview

Just a quick post to point out the video for the upcoming online Character Builder to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.  While my earlier complaints about it not being usable when you aren’t online still stand, I’m happy to see that the design of the program appears to be good.  I’m looking forward to taking it for a spin on November 16.

What do you all think?  Does it look like an improvement in usability over the current Builder?

3 thoughts on “Online Character Builder – video preview

  1. Looks like a big improvement over existing. It won’t really “go live” for me until I can add custom elements, and only about two of my eight players are serious enough about D&D that they’re willing to subscribe to DDI. So, I’m not sure yet how we’ll be using it. Other than that, I’d give it a preliminary thumbs-up.

  2. It’s got a whole bunch of bugs, and many calculations are wrong. Other than that, it’s great! :o) Seriously, when they get this stuff fixed, I think it will be good.

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