Dice Sprites

Aren’t these the most adorable things you’ve ever seen to keep your dice company?

A few months ago I saw a post on DM Samuel’s blog about Dice Sprites, and I thought they were pretty cute.  I showed the post to my wife Barbara, who also found them adorable.  Since her birthday was coming up, I thought that getting her a custom set of sprites for some of her dice would be an excellent idea.

I visited the web site of the “Claymancers” and sent an email to Kirai and Stark to ask about ordering some custom sprites for my wife.  They showed me some of the photos of sprites from their Facebook page so that I could get an idea of what they could do and figure out what I would like.  As you can see, I settled on three custom sprites:This is a sprite that I left to the Claymancers’s imagination.  I ask for something to sit on top of a d6.  He’s great!

This is a kitten-inspired sprite, with the d20 being like a ball of yarn for the sprite to play with.  My wife fosters kittens for the local animal shelter, and we have four cats of our own.

This one is a dragon sprite, hovering over his treasure.  I love the wings and tail – this guy is so detailed!

If you’re looking for a creative gift for a dice lover in your life, I highly recommend Dice Sprites.  They’re much more durable than I expected (made of some kind of plastic, I think, definitely not ceramic or anything like that) and they can be custom made.  The custom sprites that aren’t attached to dice went for $15 apiece (if I had wanted the die to be part of the sprite, it would have been $10 apiece).  I sent the Claymancers photos of my wife’s favorite dice so that they could pick colors to match, and you can see that they did fantastic work.

Thank you, Claymancers!

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