Welcome to the new site!

Hello world! I suppose if you’re reading this by going through my archives, you’re bound to be confused. But for those of you reading around the time of my writing, February 2012, welcome to the new blog!

The old WordPress.com free blog was nice and all, but I decided that it was time for something a little more polished. Since I know pretty much nothing about web design, I turned to Mark Meredith, who has put together a nice-looking site for himself over at Dice Monkey. And the results speak for themselves – ooh, pretty! If you’re looking to hire someone for some web design work, give Mark a buzz.

Anyway, things should continue pretty much as-is with the new site. There will be some messiness for a while; all of my old links will take you to pages on the old blog, for instance, but I plan to clean that sort of thing up over time.

So, thank you for following me to my new digs, and please join me in thanking Mark for this sweet-looking new site!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the new site!

  1. Like the new look.

    Question: in all the macros you’ve made, have you ever put any together that allow a character to target another token on the map, thus allowing rolls to be targeted against AC? Was having a look and couldn’t find any, and I still have problems working out all the coding language 🙁 And this despite a couple of years playing with maptools.

    • Thanks!

      As for the targeting macro, no, that’s something I’ve avoided. This is in part because it’s hard to do, of course – but not impossible. Other frameworks definitely do this. The other reasons I’ve avoided it are that I don’t update AC dynamically based on temporary effects (again, hard to do), and the next logical extension of actually targeting a creature is deciding whether the attack hits or not and then applying the appropriate effects (damage and so on).

      That last part is not quite what I want from MapTool. If I were to have the effects of the attack automatically figured and applied, I would definitely need an Undo function (“Wait, hang on, my defenses should be higher thanks to this feat… oh, and I have an interrupt…”), which is also hard (but not impossible). In addition, there is some point where I worry things will stop feeling like tabletop D&D to me and start feeling like we’re playing a video game together, and I want to avoid that.

      So, to sum up, I have good excuses to mask my laziness and ineptitude when it comes to not having developed any targeting macros. 🙂

      • That’s a good reason to avoid doing it. I’m using a basic D&D type game, so no need to worry about feats and changing ACs, but you make a good point. From what I’ve seen so far it is tricky, but if I’m going to try and give it a go and see if it is worth it; although I’d avoid damage being tied in with the attack roll, just case there is a ‘undo’ necessity 🙂

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