WotC to reprint 1st Edition AD&D books – woo hoo!

Check out the solicitation to retailers: http://www.wizards.com/ContentResources/Wizards/Sales/Solicitations/2012_04_17_dd_1stED_Solicitation_en_US.pdf

This is excellent! I’m pretty much just a 4th Edition player, and I plan to pre-order a set of these as soon as they’re available from my FLGS. I’d love to have my own copy of the original Dungeon Master’s Guide in particular, but also the Player’s Handbook and Monster Manual. And it benefits the Gary Gygax Memorial Fund. Too cool!

I’m very encouraged by this. Maybe WotC will have some success in uniting the D&D community after all. Way to go WotC! April 17 can’t come soon enough.

9 thoughts on “WotC to reprint 1st Edition AD&D books – woo hoo!

  1. Why this may be nice for some North American collector, most gamers all over the world will probably not be interested in this product. It’s way too expensive, not available outside North America and in limited supply. If they really wanted to unite the community they shouldn’t have chosen such a limited scope for the reprint. It’s laudable though that they want to support the Gygax Memorial fund.

  2. @stargazer – Perhaps we can assume this is a bit of market research for WOTC, and they are limiting it to N.A. for now… Perhaps if there is enough interest, something could be brewing…

  3. I’d be interested if I have the money then, but as Stargazer said: Outsid N.A. you’re pretty much screwed (as often with D&D stuff and events), which is slowly but constantly raising my angriness. but basically a really cool idea. Maybe they’ll republish them again or something without the new cover and less limited and this thing is just to boost the memorial fund? But never forget: There are D&D fans overseas in Europe!

  4. I understand the frustration on the part of non-North American gamers. But this is still unambiguously good news in my opinion. And as NewbieDM said, perhaps this is just a first step, and if it goes well we’ll see a wider release.

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  7. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to embrace PDF or ebooks again. With the lack of pages and pages of full color art in the original manuals, I’d assume it’d be great for a Kindle/Nook release. I get there’s additional cost in laying out older things for ebooks… so maybe there’s still hope that the brand new products will be available to read on my Kindle.

    • Here’s hoping! If the special print edition goes well (and based on the response I’m seeing so far online, I’m guessing it will), maybe they’ll decide to bring out electronic versions.

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