GenCon 2011 Day 2: Night

I’m very sleepy, so I’ll keep this short.

I went to the vendor hall for about an hour. I got a great demo of Campaign Cartographer (tempting, but pricey). I saw a couple of interesting games, but didn’t buy anything before it was time to meet my wife for True Dungeon.

Ah, True Dungeon! So fun! I’d love to write more about it, but I don’t have the energy right now. It was getting to walk through a “real” dungeon, solving puzzles, working as a team. I was a monk; my wife was a druid. I died in room 4; she died in room 6. The rest of the party was dead by the end of the final room, number 7. So, TPK, but FUN!

Then came dinner at the Weber Grill Restaurant, which has a great gluten-free menu (good for my wife).

Then came an LFR game with friends, with the same DM as yesterday. This one was better. Factotum is always a blast to play.

Then came late-night snacks at Harry and Izzy’s, where I randomly happened to be eating in the same place as the post-Ennies group from EN World. I finally got to meet Morrus and also saw Piratecat and Tony Law again. Huzzah!

Okay, now sleep. Tomorrow: Dungeons and Dragons new products seminar, and, time permitting, attending the live taping of DM Round Table.

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