GenCon 2011: Restless in Indy

I’m attending my first GenCon this year, and since my company has some offices in Indianapolis (I live near Denver), I managed to convince them to buy me a plane ticket to come out here to work for a few days before the convention.

I arrived Monday afternoon and spent today (Tuesday) working. I’ll be working Wednesday through lunch time, and then I’ll be in full-on Con Mode!

For now, I’m antsy. I have this evening totally free, and I just can’t wait for the Con! I’ll be spending some time working on my next MyRealms adventure here on the computer in the hotel room, and I’m going to try to do some grocery shopping in advance of my wife’s arrival on Thursday (yay for wives who game!).

But I really wish I were surrounded by fellow gamers right now. I’m not even near the convention center – work is on the north side of town. Argh, the waiting!

At least I’m staying abreast of GenCon prep around the internet; I finally joined Twitter, largely so I could follow all of the cool GenCon info as it comes out. Sadly, the OnlineDM handle was already taken by a German tweeter who put up two posts a couple of years ago and seems to have not touched Twitter since. But if you want to follow me on Twitter, I’m @OnlineDM1.

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