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I will be attending my first GenCon next week, and naturally I’m quite excited! I don’t qualify as a well-known RPG blogger, but since some people do read my blog and I’m sure some of them will be at GenCon, I thought I’d share my GenCon itinerary in case there was a chance to meet any readers in person. It’s a long shot, but I think it would be incredibly cool.

First, I should mention that my name is Michael (though I’m considering wearing some kind of badge identifying myself as OnlineDM, just in case there’s a chance of meeting anyone who might know me from my blog). I look like this:

Michael - AKA OnlineDM

I’ll be arriving in Indianapolis on Monday, then spending Tuesday and Wednesday working (yes, I managed to get my employer to buy me a plane ticket to go to GenCon). I’ve kept my organized schedule at GenCon pretty light; I plan to play whatever seems interesting.

Thursday 4:00 PM: The Art of Adventure Design seminar (Indiana Ballroom G)

Friday 10:00 AM – Noon: Manning the ENnies booth as a volunteer

Friday 3:14 PM: True Dungeon: Dragon’s Redoubt (Marriott Ballroom)

Saturday 10:00 AM – Noon: Wizards of the Coast new products presentation (Indiana Ballroom G)

Saturday 4:00 PM: DM Round Table podcast taping (Westin: Chamber)

Monday afternoon: Head home


I aim to try out at least three games I’ve never played before, and I’d naturally like to find time to play some D&D 4th Edition (probably checking out the Neverwinter Game Day if I get the chance). Any suggestions? Any must-see things while I’m there? Anyone want to meet up for particular games?

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  1. You should go saturday night to the blogger/podcaster meetup at a bar. Not sure the name, its in the event catalogue.

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