D&D Encounters – Dark Legacy of Evard Week 8

This week I had the pleasure of enjoying D&D Encounters as a player at Andy’s table. As the start time of 5:00 rolled around there were only three players present, but we ended up with seven (so we ran one extra-large table).

The party had just finished exploring the basement of the Vontarin estate last week, taking on a gang of tieflings and discovering the the wizard Nathaire, possessed by Vontarin’s ghost, had apparently come to the estate, looked for something, not found it, and left in frustration. So, we returned to Duponde.

As night fell, Grimbold (captain of the town watch) asked the party to either defend some townsfolk who had taken refuge in the armory, or investigate reports of a small humanoid in the black hood near the south gate. The humanoid sounded like it might be Nathaire’s halfling assistant, so we took that route.

We spotted the humanoid through the window of a house, but before we could approach we were set upon by plant creatures. I was playing a Mage and had a good time blasting a bunch of twig minions. The party seemed to work pretty well together, and we really didn’t have too much trouble taking down the plants and then the humanoid, who turned out to be a shadow creature.


We took the shadow man alive and questioned him about what he was doing. He confessed that Nathaire hired him, and the wizard was working on building an army of skeletons at a nearby monastery. Ooh – creepy!

No maps this week, as just like week 5 we used a map that’s available on the Wizards of the Coast web site for DDI subscribers. But hey, at least I included the tokens I created for the plant monsters!

Previous sessions:

No week 6 – I was out of town

2 thoughts on “D&D Encounters – Dark Legacy of Evard Week 8

  1. Last week I got killed and since this Encounters thing is really my first time at real D&D I decided to switch characters so I’d have a more diverse experience. I left as a defender and came back as a striker! And although he’s only been in one fight, I think he’ll be much more fun to play.

    I was outvoted so the party went to guard the armory instead of looking for the “halfling.” Then I was outvoted again when the tavern owner came crying for help because rats were in her establishment. We leave our post for rats?!?

    Turns out they were “were-rats” but they weren’t really any match for our party. I had fun doing more than acting as a “hit me” magnet as a scout has a few more tricks to pull (even at 2nd level).

    One of the DMs gave me a friendly warning about playing a scout, but I’m so new to D&D that I didn’t understand half of what he said (underpowered in certain situations?) so I’ll just naively go on my way until we win or I fall again. 🙂


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