Free adventure (with maps): Tallinn’s Tower

Edit 9/8/2011: I’ve since updated this adventure; the details of the update are at this link.


I’ve just finished writing a new adventure for D&D 4th Edition called Tallinn’s Tower. This is the sequel to my first “published” adventure, the Stolen Staff (aka The Staff of Suha). I’m planning on running this adventure at my local store as a Living Forgotten Realms adventure and then again at TactiCon in September, but this version is not LFR-specific.

Download the adventure here.

And if you’d like the MapTool file to let you run the game online, click here.


I’ve written Tallinn’s Tower using guidelines for the newest season of LFR for MyRealms adventures, in which an adventure can be run for a variety of levels in the heroic tier. The party chooses the Adventure Level (2, 4, 6, 8 or 10) and the DM runs the appropriate version. There are a few cases in which I’ve picked different monsters for the lower part of the tier and the upper part, and other cases where I’ve just re-leveled the same monster throughout the tier.

I haven’t provided monster stat blocks since I’m using published monsters rather than my own creations (and because I didn’t want to have to create five different sets of stat blocks for each encounter), but if you have any trouble with the level adjustments, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help. [Edit: Monster stat blocks are now included]


The plot of the adventure involves the PCs being hired to investigate the nature of a magic staff that apparently has more to it than meets the eye. They are asked to take the staff to a reclusive wizardess who lives in a tower, but in order to get an audience with her they must prove themselves worthy by navigating the hazards of the tower.

If you like adventures with illusions, traps, in-combat skill challenges and even poetry, check out Tallinn’s Tower! And please provide me with feedback (positive or negative); I fully intend to improve the adventure based on reader input.


What adventure would be complete without maps? Below are the gridded and gridless versions of each map in the adventure, scaled so that each grid square is 50 pixels (for ease of use in MapTool and similar programs).

Level 1 - Gridded

Level 1 - No Grid

Level 2 - Gridded

Level 2 - No Grid

Level 3 - Gridded

Level 3 - No Grid

Level 4 - Gridded

Level 4 - No Grid

5 thoughts on “Free adventure (with maps): Tallinn’s Tower

  1. I like this adventure! It’s very easy to fit into a campaign, because of the different levels to run it at, and because it doesn’t necessarily have to be the magic staff–there are many different reasons why the PC’s would seek out Tallinn (magic items, undecipherable ritual which might be evil, etc.)

    • Daniel – Thanks! I’m glad to hear that you can find ways to use this adventure in different types of campaigns. If you do end up running it, by all means let me know how it goes!

      -Michael the OnlineDM

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