Free encounter (with map and monsters): Steeder Breeder

I had fun posting a full adventure here last week, so I thought I would follow it up by posting a single encounter that I ran in a recent home game.

The encounter is called Steeder Breeder, and it is inspired by the monsters of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons module “The Gates of Firestorm Peak.” I adapted parts of that adventure for use in my Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition home campaign, including this encounter.

The encounter pits the players against a duergar spider master and his beasts – giant riding spiders called Steeders, along with young versions of those creatures. Full stats for the monsters are included in the adventure, along with an encounter map.

Please let me know any feedback you have on this encounter, the map or the monsters. Should I continue publishing this sort of thing in the future?

Download the full encounter here.

Monster: Duergar Spider Master

Map: Steeder Breeder encounter

4 thoughts on “Free encounter (with map and monsters): Steeder Breeder

    • Great – thanks! By the way, I was informed that the initial version had an error in it – the Hit line for the Duergar Spider Master had it dealing some damage, and then the Effect line had extra damage. The previous Hit line was an error, and the Effect line was supposed to be the Hit line.

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