Map – Collapsing Bridge

I’ve realized that people seem to love maps.  And I suppose that makes sense.  Those of us who play D&D online, for instance, love being able to pick up a map and load it into our game and go.

I tend to draw most of my maps myself in MapTool.  Now, I’m no great artist, but MapTool makes it pretty easy to draw simple maps that look pretty good.  Given that the online D&D community seems to love maps, it only makes sense that I should start sharing these on my blog.

Today, I’ll share a map from the War of the Burning Sky’s second adventure, the Fire Forest.  This particular map is of a collapsing bridge.  The party encounters this bridge over a deep gorge (60 feet deep) with the remains of the wagon at the bottom of the gorge.  Flaming brush surrounds the area off the road, and more flaming brush lines the bottom of the canyon.  A section of the bridge has crumbled away.

I’ve included both a no-grid and a square grid version of the map.  Which version is more useful for you?  Should I also include a PDF from PosteRazor that would let you print out and tape together the map for use at a physical table?

Please let me know if you want me to keep posting maps – I’ve got lots of them!

3 thoughts on “Map – Collapsing Bridge

  1. I think you should keep posting them! Can’t ever have enough maps. I’ve tried to do my own maps, and can manage some sketchy ones by using art objects found on the dundjinni forums imported into maptools. It’s still a pain to do rivers and such though.

  2. Nice! Please continue to post maps. I am always on the lookout for maps. You never know when you need one. And it makes setting up an encounter especially for online gaming much!! easier.

    One tip: You should consider making relatively large maps. I’ve made the experience that the combat never happens where you though and quickly you reach the outer boundaries of the map. Like with the bridge, one possible encounter would be a toll gang on the bridge. The PCs will spot them most probably from some distance away (which is already off the map) and then engage with ranged attacks and draw the gang off the bridge to the boundaries of the map. And there is not much cover to ambush the group right on the bridge. The map will be usable pretty good anyway, but enlarging the map area will make it better in my eyes.

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